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Cal Pharma

Cal Pharma shampoo

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Strong HairGel [sic] Stimulating Shampoo - Powered by exceptional ingredient complexes, including: Capixyl, Keravis, Redensyl Biotin and ProCapil - this extraordinary shampoo gently cleanses, nourishes and revitalizes hair that is dull and thinning. By removing pore-clogging build up, hair is left cleaner, shinier, and more voluminous and prepared for further application of hair strengthening product ingredients.  

*Note: Capixyl, Karavis, Redensyl, and Procapil are not Cal Pharma trademarks, as they are owned by the respective ingredient suppliers. All clinical testing refereńced has been conducted by the ingredient suppliers on their respective technologies and not on the final Strong HairPro Product. Results may be different for each individual using the products.