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Complex Culture

Complex Culture Precision Concealer Brush

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Why It Saves You Time

Dot concealer where you need coverage, hold the brush with the logo facing you (away from you if you’re left-handed), and blend. You’ll never need to swap brushes to reach tiny areas again.

Make it Less Complex

Love bold lip and eye looks? You can use the edge of this brush to remove stray lipstick or eyeliner marks, and to clean up brows after filling and defining them.

 Brush Care 

We recommend regularly cleaning Complex Culture brushes with warm water and a gentle soap, avoiding anything that would be harsh or sensitive to skin. First, wet the bristles with lukewarm water, avoiding both the ferrule and handle. Gently massage with cleanser in the palm of your hand or on a brush cleansing pad. Rinse bristles thoroughly and squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel. Fluff the brush head back into shape and let dry with the bristles hanging off the edge of a counter. Allow bristles to fully dry to the correct shape before storing in an upright position.