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bkr little teddy kiss kit original

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Our super moisturizing Paris Hydra Lip balm sticks on top of your BKR bottle.

The ultimate hydration from the inside out is essential, with everything you need in your life at your fingertips. Perfect for traveling, on the road, on your nightstand, or at the gym. You can also buy all parts separately, but our kiss kit is worth the price and includes all the necessary parts:

1 -- Teddy 500 mL bottle with original BKR cap
* Teddy is an opaque reddish chocolate milk
1 -- Paris Water Balm Original Full Size Compact (Original Clear)
1 -- Compact Cap 250 mL/500 mL (you need it to connect your BKR to your full-size lip balm)

The lip balm itself is easy to disassemble, so you can turn it on and off to toss the BKR in the dishwasher, put lip balm in a pocket or bag, and buy a refill when you're done.